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Walkathon with the volunteers of the Order in Malta

Written by Dorothy Baldacchino

I recently had the privilege of volunteering with VOTO Malta for the 38th Malta Walkathon. The experience was particularly special as we were to accompany our friend Corinne, who uses a wheelchair as a mobility aid and who was determined to take part in this 21km challenge. I met Corinne at a training session in preparation for this venture. She radiated so much positive energy as she shared her aspirations, her vibes were infectious. I knew right then that participating in this event with the VOTO team was going to be a truly heartwarming experience.


While I’ve previously taken part in similar events with the goal of improving my personal best, this time around, the goal was entirely different. Here we were - a collection of individuals from different backgrounds, brought together through volunteering, working selflessly towards a common purpose, helping each other along the way.


As we made our way through the route, we took turns assisting Corinne. It was truly inspiring to see the reactions we received from fellow runners and bystanders cheering us on along the way. Corinne’s will and the encouragement received kept us going, pushing us to dig deeper into our inner reserves, individually and collectively with effortlessness as we never ran out of adrenaline.


What impacted me the most about this experience was how much happiness I felt from being there for others, selflessly. Happiness truly begins from the moment you do something for others. It was a humbling reminder that the purpose of life is helping others. And by helping others, we help ourselves.


I am immensely grateful to have been a part of the VOTO team for the Malta Walkathon. This experience has reminded me of the power of community, and I will always cherish the memories and lessons I gained from this opportunity.

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