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Youth volunteering in after-school programs | Volunteers Corps of the Order of Malta in Albania

Spring brings joy not only with its beautiful weather with the activities of Malteser Albania's young volunteers as well. Our volunteers are an integral part of the success and efficiency of our organization as they devote a significant amount of time and effort to the delivery of our several programs. Through our core Christian values of Love, Compassion and Respect, we want to ensure that our programs are places that enable children to learn and play, feel safe, happy and valued.

Every weekend a group of our young Malteser Volunteers spends time with the children of our after-school program “Every child is ready to read”. Most of the children who participate in this program come from families with divorced parents, orphans, and children whose parents are in prison, as well as from low-income families.

We believe that every child, regardless of their circumstances, has the right to be supported by others in order to build a life that includes academic and social support. Therefore, we strive to provide every child with an alternative to wasteful or risky activities in our community by engaging them in after-school and summer programs such as summer day camps.

By being part of this program, children meet other peers from all kinds of backgrounds, meet positive role models, and form new friendships away from home. Young volunteers try to give them friendship and love by organizing indoor and outdoor activities, handicrafts and various games. In this way they make the weekend a fun experience for themselves and the children.

We are incredibly grateful for their continued support and willingness to help us achieve our goals and mission.

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