Edgard’s volunteering diary about his time in Ukraine and Hungary

Day 1 – Arrival day or what I thought to be arrival day
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About our holiday camp for disabled guests in Albania

“It’s wonderful – I wish I could spend a whole year at Malteser Albania summer camps!”
Serafina – guest ...
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National Holiday Camp | Líchovy, Czechia

No matter how we have spent the rest of our holidays, everyone at the Czech Order of Malta Youth Team (ČMM) ...
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Disabled Youth Camp | Melbourne, Australia

Let’s look back at the exciting Disabled Youth Camp held by the Australian Association in Melbourne earlier ...
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My time as an intern at the MI Headquarters in Cologne | Part 2

Welcome back! This is the second and last report about my time in Cologne, and it could not be more different ...
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Youth volunteering in after-school programs | Volunteers Corps of the Order of Malta in Albania

Spring brings joy not only with its beautiful weather with the activities of Malteser Albania's young ...
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Marina Fairfax - Founder of the Computer Club and youngest member of the Order of Malta in Hong Kong

Introducing Marina Fairfax

Marina is 33 years old, grew up in the United Kingdom, spent many years in ...
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Florentine Haeusgen - Vision 2050 Global Youth Coordinator

Florentine Haeusgen is running Vision 2050, the Order of Malta’s global youth volunteering platform since ...
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