Walkathon with the volunteers of the Order in Malta

I recently had the privilege of volunteering with VOTO Malta for the 38th Malta Walkathon. The experience was ...
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Letters from Ukraine

First letter:

Our days start early to make the most of the daylight during these winter months ...
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Edgard’s volunteering diary about his time in Ukraine and Hungary

Day 1 – Arrival day or what I thought to be arrival day
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Franziskus Heereman - Co-Founder of the Lebanon Project

Introducing Franziskus Heereman

Franziskus Heereman, born in 1976 grew up with the Order of Malta ...
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Marina Fairfax - Founder of the Computer Club and youngest member of the Order of Malta in Hong Kong

Introducing Marina Fairfax

Marina is 33 years old, grew up in the United Kingdom, spent many years in ...
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Lent 2023

Spiritual Reflections

Sauterelles et miel sauvage Partie 7 : VOYEZ ! (Jn 1,29 et 36)

Chers amis,

Pendant le Carême 2021, nous avons proposé en Allemagne un itinéraire spirituel à travers le ...
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Locusts and Wild Honey 7 BEHOLD! John 1:29 and 36

Dear Friends,

During Lent 2021, we offered a spiritual journey through Lent in Germany for members of ...
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Heuschrecken und Wilder Honig 7 SEHT! Joh 1,29 und 36

Liebe Freunde,

in der Fastenzeit 2021 haben wir in Deutschland für die Mitglieder des Ordens, der Jugend ...
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