Global friendships

Global friendships

You are moving from one country to another for some time and would like to stay involved in the Order of Malta family? Then check here to find your contact person for youth in that country and get in touch with them.

Global friendships

Vision 2050 contacts

Albania [email protected]Organizata Shqiptare e Urdhrit të Maltës | Albanian Relief Service of the Order of Malta

Vision 2050 contact: Orjeta Fusha
Australia[email protected]OMV Australia

Vision 2050 contact: Dalton Fogarty & Michelle Rees ([email protected])
Austria[email protected]Malteser Oesterreich | Austrian Relief Service of the Order of Malta

Vision 2050 contact: Lucas Rumpf
Belgium[email protected]Belgian Association

Vision 2050 contact: Charles-Edouard d'Otreppe
Colombia[email protected]Colombian Association

Vision 2050 contact: Christian Restrepo
Czechia[email protected].Česká maltézská mládež | Youth of the Grand Priory Bohemia

Vision 2050 contact: Zuzana Liptáková
Denmark[email protected]Scandinavian Association
Finland[email protected]Scandinavian Association
France[email protected]Jeunes de l'Ordre de Malte France | Youth of the French Association

Vision 2050 contact: Amaury de Geyer d'Orth & Armand de Vial ([email protected])
Germany[email protected]Gemeinschaft junger Malteser (GjM) | Youth of the German Association

Vision 2050 contact: Alexis Freytag
Hong Kong[email protected]Hong Kong Association

Vision 2050 contact: Sophie Mensdorff-Pouilly
Iceland[email protected]Scandinavian Association
Ireland[email protected]Irish Association

Vision 2050 contact: Friedrich Westerholt
Italy[email protected]Gruppo Giovanile di Roma SMOM | Youth of the Grand Priory Rome

Order of Malta youth group, Milan: [email protected]

CISOM | The Order's Relief Service in Italy: [email protected]

Vision 2050 contact: Kevin
Lebanon[email protected]OMV Lebanon

Vision 2050 contact: Sybille Antaki
Malta[email protected]Volunteers of the Order (VOTO) - Malta
Morocco[email protected]Embassy of the Sovereign Order of Malta to Morocco

Vision 2050 contact: Diego Hidalgo
Netherlands[email protected]Dutch Association
Norway[email protected]Scandinavian Association
Portugal[email protected]Portuguese Association

Vision 2050 contact: Filipa Ferraz
Romania[email protected]Serviciul de Ajutor Maltez

Vision 2050 contact: Larisa Pop
Slovakia[email protected]Organizácia Maltézska Pomoc Slovensko | Slovakian Relief Service of the Order of Malta

Vision 2050 contact: Simona Blaskova
Spain[email protected]Spanish Association

Vision 2050 contact: María Teresa
Roca de Togores
Sweden[email protected]Scandinavian Association
Switzerland[email protected]Jeunes Ordre de Malte Suisse | Youth of the Suisse Association

United Kingdom[email protected]OMV UK

Vision 2050 contact: Cecilia Vorfeld

Companions of the Order of Malta: [email protected]

Young Companions: Coco ([email protected])
United States of America - American Association[email protected]Vision 2050 contact: Luisa Majnoni
United States of America - Federal Association[email protected]Federal Auxiliary Houston

Vision 2050 contact: Alonzo Alvarez

Did you not find what you were looking for?

Don't worry! If there is no contact person for your location on the map, contact Vision 2050 here. We will see if we can put you in touch with someone in this part of the world.