Summer Camps for Disadvantaged Children, Albania

Summer Camps for Disadvantaged Children, Albania

Since in 2001, the Albanian Relief Service has organised a Summer School Camp for marginalized children near the Adriatic Sea, benefiting over 3,000 children.

This camp is held on Velipoja beach in July, and welcomes Roma and Egyptian children and children from remote areas of Northern Albania. These children, who come from poor and isolated backgrounds, are given the opportunity to enjoy a summer holiday that they would not otherwise be able to have, due to their families’ economic and social circumstances.

There are representatives and parents of Roma and Egyptian communities helping in the camp together with the volunteers from the Albanian Relief Service. In addition to preparing and setting up the Camp, the Malteser volunteers helped with the educational and entertainment programmes. Last year, we also provided riding and swimming lessons with trained instructors, giving the children a chance to be trained in riding horses and swimming.

Last year, we were supported by H.E. Franz Salm-Reifferscheidt, Order of Malta Ambassador to the Roma People and group of the parish of St. Cyriakus in Neuss-Grimlinghausen.

Community being served:

  • Marginalised Communities