Rolling the Camino: testimony from Way on Wheels 2018

Rolling the Camino: testimony from Way on Wheels 2018

A testimony from a disabled guest transported along the Camino di Santiago during 'Way on Wheels', run by the Spanish Association this summer:

"My name is Socorro, I live in Toledo and, because of my disability, I am a wheelchair user.
Last summer, a good friend, offered to make the road to Santiago in a wheelchair. I did not think much, I never say, I cannot! I always say, I have not tried, so I said yes.

I felt that the Lord wanted me to follow this path, for what? I do not know! But what I was sure of was that He would take care of me through the people who were going to accompany me. I did not know any of them, but I knew that if God put them in my way, they would be good people.

The starting point was the house of the Moreno sisters, where they were the rest of volunteers, men and women of great heart and tenderness. I saw in all of them a spirit of service and dedication to others.

We started the trip all to Villalcázar, in the province of Palencia, which was where we would start the first stage of the journey. On the trip I started to love everyone.
We were a very varied group, Ladies, Gentlemen and Volunteers of the Order of Malta, the Pater (I could not miss him out) and four ... sick ?, ... disabled ?, I prefer to say ... "people with different abilities. "

The organizers had prepared everything with great affection, getting four special chairs so that we could make the way more comfortable, looking for accessible hostels so that we could bathe and rest. Everything so that we were comfortable, they did not care about work in order to see us happy.

Each morning we started the stage all together, with the prayer of Lauds, on the way we prayed the rosary and the Angelus, in between, facing what was emerging and at the end of the day, with the Eucharist, we thanked God for the lived day. What a day!

The road had everything; flat stretches, potholes, slopes, etc. It was not adapted but, as we were a good team, we complemented ourselves and what one lacked the other had it and thus there were no barriers that we could not overcome.

As the days passed, the physical fatigue was noticeable, but there was no lack of enthusiasm and the desire to reach the end and embrace the Apostle Santiago.

I joked with everyone trying to put a spark of joy and good humor causing some laughs, which are good therapy, and so make the road a little more pleasant since physically I could not do much, which is not easy.

I started the Camino with a group of unknown people but every day, between jokes and laughter, we were sharing things, anecdotes, experiences, concerns, in short, our life. And so, without realizing it, a current of affection was being created that was permeating me and those that were previously unknown were being installed in my heart.

Finally the great day has come! The arrival to Santiago de Compostela! We were happy to have all arrived well and we wanted to enter the Plaza del Obradoiro together. We did it that way!It was very beautiful. There we were, no longer companions on the way, but friends.


Socorro del Cerro Pacheco

Community being served:

  • Disabled Children and Adults