National Youth Meeting - Slovakia

National Youth Meeting - Slovakia

From 31 July until 2 August 2015 the National Youth Meeting P15 took place in Slovakia - Poprad, organized by the Conference of Slovak Bishops´ Council for Youth and Universities, which was organized as the official preparatory event for next year‘s World Youth Days in Poland.

More than 3‘500 of young people, many bishops, dozens of priests and monks, as well as the members of the Order of Malta and more than 10 volunteers of the Slovak relief organization of the Order – Malteser Aid Slovakia in uniforms led by its President Dr. Julius Brichta C.G.M. participated in this
3-day event. The attendance of young volunteers of Malteser Aid was very much valued, since at this event the Slovak preparation for the World Youth Days have officially started as well, which will take place in Cracow, Poland, in 2016 where the volunteers of Malteser Aid Slovakia will also participate. During the 3-day program the representatives of Malteser Aid Slovakia participated particularly in everyday liturgical celebrations, but especially in the EXPO of the catholic orders, societies, or institutions of apostolic and sacred life. The target of the National Youth Meeting was to personally meet with Christ and to experience the livelyhood of our Church. Participants joined together in prayers with the present bishops and priests with the aim to ignite the desire for new revival in youth.
Young volunteers of Malteser Aid Slovakia were present at cermons with bishops, the special calvary and other spiritual and cultural activities. They helped with disposable clothes collection, provision and supplying of drinking water and also with carrying of the World Youth Days´ cross, which was gifted to the youth of the world by Pope St. John Paul II.

On St. Egid Square during EXPO vocation, the Malteser Aid Slovakia had opened the presentation booth, where the volunteers presented the nurmerous activities and works of the Order of Malta and Malteser Aid Slovakia and answered the multitude of questions of hundreds of visitors until later that evening. Many visitors where particularly interested in the spirituality of the Order, conditions of membership in the Relief organization Malteser Aid Slovakia and its possibilities of volunteering. Several hundreds of informative brochures regarding volunteering and other marketing materials were given away to the interested persons.

The National Youth Meeting in Slovakia was organized for the second time in this great setting. Malteser Aid Slovakia and the members of the Order of Malta with their strong presence represented the mission of our Order efficiently to the younger generations, which will help in the future with the charitable activities of the Order serving the poor, sick and suffering, and also during the defence of the faith.
After closing of this inspiring event the malteser Aid Slovakia received a lot of positive feedbacks for the participation of our volunteers from several visitors of this event, as well as from the very organisors. In this connection it should be highlighted that the Conference of Slovak Bishops´ press agency publicised a news release regarding the participation of Malteser Aid Slovakia´s volunteers on this event also on its website.

The participatation and strong presence at the event positively emphasized on our Order’s activities and thus, some very positive publicity for the Order of Malta in Slovakia had been gained.