Young members and volunteers of the Order of Malta

Jack Straker

Grand Magistry
United Kingdom

History of involvement with the Order

I was an intern at the Communications Office (in Rome), in January 2010, and again for September to December 2012. From September 2014 to September 2017 I worked for the Order as Aide-de-Camp to HMEH the Prince and Grand Master.

My mother is a Member of the Order, she has been coming to Lourdes since 1971 with the Order (first the Order of Malta Volunteers, the OMV, then the British Association, BASMOM). I first came to Lourdes in July 2010 with the OMV after years of badgering from her, and after seeing the good work of the Order worldwide during an internship in Rome I took to practise speaking Italian.

Since then, I have been on as many OMV activities as possible. These include: many Lourdes pilgrimages; Easter pilgrimages to Paris, Seville, Rome and Florence; Lebanon Camps in Sourat and Chabrouh; Summer Camps in Amsterdam, Brest, Krakow and Salzburg. Roll on IHC 2018 in Great Britain!

Since March 2014 I have sat on the Committee of the OMV as “BASMOM Coordinator”. I also organise the British Order pilgrimage to the Shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham, and I volunteer at soup kitchens at the train stations in Rome.

I came to Lourdes in May with BASMOM for the first time in 2013, and to the Blessed Gerard Retreat in Rome in 2014. I also first took part in the Italian Grand Priories’ pilgrimage to the Santa Casa di Loreto in 2014. I became a Donat of Devotion in April 2015.

I helped Eleanor Abou-Sakr and Lelia el Khazen present Vision 2050 to the 2015 meeting of Grand Priors, Regents, Procurators and Presidents in Rome, and at the 2015 Hospitallers’ Conference in Ehreshoven.

Project Involvement

  •   International Summer Camp
  •   Chabrouh Camp, Lebanon
  •   Blessed Gerard Retreat, Rome
  •   Vision 2050 meetings, reunions and webinars
  •   Lourdes Pilgrimage
  •  Loreto Pilgrimage

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