Young members and volunteers of the Order of Malta

Donatella Di Vietro


History of involvement with the Order

The Vicenza Group is made up of about 35 volunteers including doctors, nurses and rescuers. We have a nautical team with which, in collaboration with the Naval League, we serve on Lake Fimon. We carry out multiple services, independently or in collaboration with various bodies, from food collections in supermarkets in favor of the less well off to prevention services that we carry out in shopping centers, services in the Duomo during celebrations that involve a large turnout of faithful and support to the pilgrims who go to Monte Berico to celebrate the birth of Mary. We take part in the main city ceremonies, the solemn flag-raising organized monthly at the COESPU and the deployment in Piazza dei Signori on the occasion of the celebrations of the Republic Day. We are registered with the Vicenza Association of Associations and the Center for Voluntary Services. We have been collaborating for some time with the "Nuovo Ponte" Cooperative in Vicenza, which deals with the disabled and with the National Alpine Association of Vicenza. Since we do not have our own headquarters, we are hosted at the headquarters of the "Antonio Giarolo" Alpine Group, in the area of ??the railwaymen in Vicenza. At the aforementioned Alpine Group we provide prevention services for the elders of the Circumscription. We also collaborate with the doctors of Salute Solidale and with the American community of Vicenza with whom, with our Unit of Road and together with the Alpini, we provide evening service in the city in favor of the homeless. If you wish to become a Volunteer, your professionalism and talent could be very useful, you could make yourself useful and do the most beautiful thing that is helping others. We express the values ??of the Order of Malta which, for 900 years, has been committed to helping the poor, the sick and the poor. Being a CISOM Volunteer means adhering to these values.

Project Involvement

  •   International Summer Camp
  •   Lourdes Pilgrimage

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