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Mairead Ward

Irish Association

History of involvement with the Order

I joined the Order of Malta Ambulance corp. Shankill Cadet Unit in 2005 and then progressed on to the Senior unit a year later. I later became involved in Cadets as a deputy Cadet Leader when I turned 18. I moved to the UK after I finished my degree in nursing due to the lack of jobs in Ireland. During the period I lived in the UK my Unit involvement was limited however I did local duties as much as possible on my regular visits home. I took on the role of acting duty officer in Shankill for a period in 2015. I became one of the Unit ambulance drivers in 2015. I am involved in unit training; in particular with nursing related issues, giving lecture on seizures, epilepsy, stroke, diabetes etc. In May 2015 I travelled on the annual pilgrimage to Lourdes and worked as a nurse in the Accueil. I also participated in the International Camp for people with disabilities in France and worked with the British Association. In August 2015 I took part in the Share weekends for people with disabilities. I was appointed eastern regional nurse in Jan 2016. Due to exam commitments I was unable to attend the Lourdes Knights pilgrimmage in May however I organised and ran regional Lourdes training for first time volunteers. I also coordinated the assessments of 22 of the 50 malades travelling to Lourdes with the Irish organisation. In July 2016 I participated in the Order of Malta Volunteers (UK) Lourdes pilgrimmage as part of the medical team. In August 2016 I participated in the Knock pilgrimmage. Also during the summer I became my local units duty officer. I was lucky enough to be selected to be part of a team that went to Rome in October for the year of Mercy. We did first aid for a week in the Basilicas of Rome. I have also taken part in competitions since I was a cadet for first aid team, AED test, ambulance test and footdrill. When I was team leader in 2006 we won national senior competitions for footdrill.

Project Involvement

  •   International Summer Camp
  •   Lourdes Pilgrimage
  •  Knock pilgrimmage
  •  Share to care weekends
  •  Rome - Year of Mercy

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