French Camp in Chabrouh

French Camp in Chabrouh

One-off · 4 Jul 2023, 12:00 – 11 Jul 2023, 23:59
Order of Malta, Kfardebian, Lebanon
People with disabilitiesChildren & youthOlder people
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Order of Malta Lebanon - The Lebanon Camps
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One week camp aimed at providing care to differently-abled Lebanese people. Led by the French Order of Malta Youth in collaboration with the Order of Malta LB

Detailed description

Who can become a volunteer?

Most of the volunteers are between the ages of 18 and 30 years old. While there is no upper age limit, you must be at least 18 years old. No prior experience is required as care training is delivered before each camp on the kick-off day. There is one mandatory induction meeting in Madrid, which you have to attend either in person or via Zoom. If you cannot attend that meeting, you cannot join the team to go to Lebanon.

For the rookies: We only ask for tenacity, creativity, a lot of patience and empathy. And above all, the spirit of service and affection towards the "guests" must prevail, a characteristic charism of the Order of Malta. The volunteers are of different nationalities, including Lebanese who assist us in the translation to communicate with the “guests”. Even though most volunteers in a camp usually come from the country that organizes it, the official language of the camps is English.

What do we do in the camp?

At the beginning of the camp, each guest is assigned to a volunteer who will be responsible for him/her the entire camp, taking care of their hygiene, food and well-being. This volunteer always has the support of the rest of the Camp. The greatest responsibility of each volunteer will be to make their "guest" spend their best week of vacation feeling loved and cared for.

The system of 1 volunteer 1 guest is fundamental, this makes the patient be better cared for, in a more personal way creating a very special bond between the guest and the volunteer.

The guests develop with the volunteers an inner strength that makes them more tolerant, giving them greater acceptance capacity for the rest of the year. Many guests have no family or visitors. Lack of personal ties exacerbates many of their illnesses causing depression, apathy, and isolation. Therefore, this one-to-one relationship is as beneficial or more than medication. The post-camp impact on the institutions where the guests live was notable from the beginning of the project.

If you want to become part of this unique experience, then apply here.

Getting there

Unfortunately, you can no longer register for this volunteering opportunity. You can find other volunteering opportunities here.
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About Order of Malta Lebanon - The Lebanon Camps

Ever since 1998, the Lebanon Camps were and still are a journey of love in action, where, in cooperation with the Lebanese Association, differently abled living in psychiatric hospitals and vulnerable people are offered a vacation in the Lebanese mountains by volunteers from around the world.
At our holiday camps, and for the past 20 years, these forgotten people experience love and affection, joy and fun, and one-to-one care.
Thanks to the contribution of local and international youth delegations, 30 one-week camps in 2 hosting centers (Chabrouh and Kfardebian) were organized in 2022 with the support of 950 volunteers from different nationalities and with the participation of 500 differently abled and vulnerable guests.
The Lebanon camps are an opportunity to build long lasting smiles on the faces of all guests and volunteers, as well as experience service, friendship, and faith at the heart of the Lebanese mountains.

Our Summer 2023 camps:

- Caravan 16 Easter Camp (German) : April 1 to April 10 {Chabrouh}
- OMV Lebanon Workshop Camp : May 19 to May 24 {Chabrouh}
- Caravan Alumni Camp (German) : May 26 to June 4 {Chabrouh}
- British Camp 1 : June 24 to July 1 {Chabrouh}
- British Camp 2 : July 1 to July 8 {Chabrouh}
- French Dubai Camp : June 25 to July 3 {Kfardebian}
- French Camp : July 4 to July 11 {Kfardebian}
- OMV Lebanon Children Camp : July 13 to July 16 {Chabrouh}
- Dutch Camp : July 21 to July 29 {Chabrouh}
- Spanish Camp 1 : July 22 to July 29 {Kfardebian}
- Spanish Camp 2 : July 30 to August 5 {Kfardebian}
- Spanish Camp 3 : August 6 to August 11 {Kfardebian}
- German Team 1 Camp 1 : July 31 to August 8 {Chabrouh}
- German Team 1 Camp 2 : August 9 to August 15 {Chabrouh}
- German Team 1 Camp 3 : August 17 to August 23 {Chabrouh}
- German Team 2 Camp 1 : August 25 to September 2 {Chabrouh}
- German Team 2 Camp 2 : September 4 to September 10 {Chabrouh}
- German Team 2 Camp 3 : September 12 to September 18 {Chabrouh}
- OMV Lebanon Elderly Camp : September 1 to September 3 {Kfardebian}
- Austrian Camp 1 : September 5 to September 12 {Kfardebian}
- Austrian Camp 2 : September 13 to September 19 {Kfardebian}
- Family & Friends II Camp (German): September 30 to October 8 {Chabrouh}
- MHD (German) : October 10 to October 19 {Chabrouh}
- Family & Friends I Camp (German) : October 21 to October 29 {Chabrouh}
- OMV Lebanon Lourdes Camp : November 18 to November 22 {Chabrouh}
- OMV Lebanon Expats Camp : December 15 to December 18 {Chabrouh}
- OMV Lebanon Christmas Camp : December 26 to December 31 {Chabrouh}

If you are a local volunteer and you would like to join & live this experience kindly send an email to [email protected]