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Malteser Aid Slovakia is the only official Order of Malta's relief organization in Slovakia. It brings together the members of the Order and more than 100 registered and trained volunteers ...

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Meals on Wheels

Date-bound · 0–2 hrs
Bratislava, Bratislava, Slovakia
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Older people
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Malteser Aid Slovakia
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Deliver lunches to the elderly who are unable to prepare even one hot meal a day due to their deteriorating health and/or poor financial situation.

Detailed description

For more than 5 years, every workday, our volunteers have been delivering lunches to the elderly in Bratislava. 

More than 120 households benefit from this project, and, in many cases, we are the only company the elderly have.

Meals on wheels are well organized and are delivered by our three volunteer car crews. Dedicated drivers meet volunteers at the Blue Church in Bratislava’s city center. The crews, each consisting of a driver and a volunteer, pick up pre-packed lunches consisting of a soup and a main dish (the elderly can choose from a variety of options), and then they distribute them to the beneficiaries’ doors, according to the daily schedule. All meals are of course accompanied with kind words and a smile from our devoted volunteers.

More than 25,000 lunches are delivered each year. 

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About Malteser Aid Slovakia

Malteser Aid Slovakia is the only official Order of Malta's relief organization in Slovakia. It brings together the members of the Order and more than 100 registered and trained volunteers.

In Slovakia we run a number of regular projects:
- Daily distribution of meals to the elderly
- Regular soup kitchens for the homeless in Bratislava, Nitra and Trenčín
- Community centres for the Roma people
- Assistance to the disabled during mass gatherings
- Events and summer camps for the young people with disabilities
- Assistance to the Ukrainian refugees
- Charity stands during the Christmas markets in Bratislava and Nitra

Besides our regular projects, we always aim to help whenever possible - we have been helping during the refugee crises, we were assisting in hospitals during the pandemic and supplying medical equipment.
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