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  • Graphic Design

Graphic Designer – Dignity Loan Products

Overview of the job

The Dignity Loan program, run by the Order of Malta’s representative to Palestine, results, in part, in the creation of products suitable for sale.

Starting with the Holy Land Olive Oil project, the Graphic Designer will create a labelling scheme that is both attractive and communicates the contents and the message of the Order and its works.

This opportunity will be carried out remotely, and can therefore be undertaken from home.

For general information, please visit www.orderofmalta-ramallah.org


This position is undertaken by working from home

Qualifications needed

Graphic design skills, enthusiasm, and a knowledge of the Order’s works internationally.

This position is undertaken by working from home

How to apply

Organiser: Representative Office Ramallah - repofficeramallah@orderofmalta.int

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