Youth Members and Volunteers of the Lebanese Association - Christmas Activities

Youth Members and Volunteers of the Lebanese Association - Christmas Activities

During December the youth of the Order of Malta's Lebanese Association will be running lot of different activities.

1. Morning of December 10:  Christmas Home Decoration
Similar to each year, and to kick start the Christmas celebrations, the Youth will be decorating the homes of elderly living in Ain el Remaneh with the help of Who is Hussain. In a festive spirit, the homes will be filled with beautiful trees and Christmas decorations, ensuring that everyone can feel the Christmas spirit.

2. Afternoon of December 10: Christmas Market
For the first year, the Youth will be organizing a Christmas Market in which collected stuff will be distributed to the most needy of the region of Ain el Remaneh. The magic of Christmas will be celebrated with gifts, treats and music to the surrounding community.

3. December 11: Christmas Mass
The yearly mass of the Youth will be celebrated on Sunday December 11 at St Elie Kantari and will be served by the volunteers. What’s more, at the end of the mass, goods will be sold and all the benefits will go to buying Christmas gifts to those in need.

4. December 17: Elderly Christmas Lunch
Celebrating Christmas with the elderly will take place during a lunch organized in the centre of the Order of Malta, during which Santa Clause will hopefully make an early appearance to distribute presents and gifts to all those attending.

5. December 20: Food Bank
With the help of the Scout of Notre Dame de Jamhour, a food bank will be organized in supermarkets across Beirut. This initiative would help us provide basic food and sanitary supplies throughout the year to elderly living in difficult conditions.

6. December 25-30: Christmas Camp for the Disabled Chabrouh
The Camp for the Disabled will be back in its Christmas Edition, during which our Guests will be celebrating Christmas. Entertainment, good food and good mood are on the agenda for five days and of course, Santa Clause will be dropping by!

7. January 7-8: Children Christmas Camp
Christmas and Children go hand in hand, and therefore our Children Christmas Camp will include lots of beautiful surprises that will ensure that during a whole week end, disfavoured children can relive the whole Christmas spirit all over again!