Young Volunteers Run a Campaign for Timor Leste Clinic.

Young Volunteers Run a Campaign for Timor Leste Clinic.

Young volunteers of the Order in Queensland, Australia, ran a successful appeal to collect household pharmaceuticals and vitamins for the Order of Malta’s medical clinic in Timor-Leste, Southeast Asia. The clinic will provide free medical and primary health care, with an emphasis on maternal health and paediatric care, and is expected to receive up to 200-300 patients a day, as well as run a training programme for local medical staff.

The appeal was launched during Lent and was supported by local parishes and church groups in Queensland, as well as local members of the Order. Young Order volunteers spoke at the end of Mass each week, collected donations outside church and provided branded posters, adverts and collection containers for the donations. As well as raising much needed funds and medication for the clinic, the volunteers also received positive feedback from local people and raised awareness of the work of the Order across the world. Following the success of this year’s campaign, they hope to continue the appeal as an annual event.

With thanks to Joseph Grogan for sharing this with us.

Community being served:

  • Forgotten Diseases
  • Marginalised Communities
  • Maternal and Neonatal Health