WOW with the Spanish Association

WOW with the Spanish Association

Baptized with the sonorous name of "WOW", "Way On Wheels", a group of Members and volunteers from the Spanish branch of the Order of Malta made, during the month of August, the first "Way to Santiago de Compostela" of the Order.
• Is a true "Camino de Santiago (Saint James way)" because it is a pilgrimage divided in 7 stages, walking (or rolling) a total of 110 kms. along the French Way, as it passes through Palencia, León, Lugo and finally arriving to the Compostela Cathedral.
• And according to the charisma of the Order, the volunteers accompany and assist people with physical disabilities, and also places related to the history of the Order of Malta in Spain are visited.

This project has been made doable with the help of 4 "Joëlette" chairs (mono-wheel chairs of 'strethchers') that have been donated to the Spanish Assembly by "C Quadrant" (3 chairs) and a group of parents of the "Falcons of San Juan" (1 chair), which allowed 15 volunteers and 4 people with functional deficiency to arrive in Santiago after starting the Camino in 'Villalcázar de Sirga'.

For the volunteers, every day was a great physical effort (not only because of the effort that it's necessary to walk the stage, but also because of the work done helping pilgrims with disabilities), but also a great spiritual joy.
It has also been noted than the four people in wheelchairs that have made the pilgrimage have different capacities; their religious and intellectual depth has been a model for the rest of the group.
Thus, with the daily help of God and the hard work of everyone, the stages were overcame. And different places such as 'Carrión de los Condes', 'Hospital de Órbigo', the 'Acebo', 'San Pedro Fiz Hospital' or 'Portomarín' where visited, until reaching the square of Obradoiro where the whole group prayed giving thanks to Saint James.

The pilgrimage, carried out by everyone with deep religiosity, great joy and encouragement, ends with the 'pilgrim's Mass' and the 'hug to the Saint' by all the group, including the people with physical disabilities.

The idea of the Spanish Assembly is internationalize the WOW project by offering this "Way to Santiago de Compostela" to the rest of the National Associations. For more information, contact us at "".

Community being served:

  • Disabled Children and Adults