Team USA in Salzburg for the International Summer Camp

Team USA in Salzburg for the International Summer Camp

Team USA led by Christopher Carter Lee (American Association) and Elizabeth Demaree (Federal Association) travelled to the International Summer Camp 2017 with 16 participants both guests with disabilities and volunteers. Thanks to young professional member driven fundraising and private donations, the Associations were able to fund the participation of 6 guests with disabilities travelling from the United States. The Auxiliary members, young Knights and Dames, and guests represented the USA’s geographic diversity attending from regions like Washington, D.C., Atlanta, Boston, NYC, Baltimore and San Francisco.

Team USA celebrated a successful summer camp in style at the International evening bringing Tex-Mex themed entrees, country music to the Christopher’s Cup and an unfailing team spirit at every event. Our team was seamlessly integrated with others from around the globe, our guests made meaningful friendships, and were able to form new, and lasting relationships. More than one of our guests remarked how terrific it was that they not only felt like they belonged but that they were also fully included in our Order of Malta community. It was requested by many that everyday should be like camp!

Team USA is looking forward to a successful camp in London 2018.

Community being served:

  • Disabled Children and Adults