Summer Activities in Romania

Summer Activities in Romania

Camp for the disabled, Vâlcele (30 June-7 July)

In a perfect world, living with disabilities does not represent a barrier, only another form of normality, but our communities often tend to expel the ones who are other. The relief service of the Order of Malta in Romania has programs aiming the integration into communities by organizing activities, where we help these marginalized people to increase their independency and improve their social skills.
The Camp for the disabled in Vâlcele, Covasna County has been organized for the 16th time this year. This camp is different from other camps in our country, because it does not happen in a medical environment, but outdoors, in the heart of the nature.
The camp has guest who return from year to year, but there are always new guests as well. This year Bucharest and Blaj joined in, but we had guests from Ukraine and Hungary too. Amongst the participants, there were almost 50 beneficiaries and 36 volunteers.
The guests had excursions, traditional days, rode horses and also motor bikes, but they presented stories written by them too.

Sfantu Gheorghe Sports Days

The relief service of the Order of Malta in Romania is part of a one-year long project, which aims the building of a relationship between the Youth of our organization and the youth groups working next to the Church, changing experiences and working techniques, also the organizing of a more efficient method of assistance. The project is called Catholic Mission as means of community capacity building, and during summer we managed to organize events within this project.
Between 13th-15th of July in Sfantu Gheorghe, Covasna County 140 young people were cheering each other during a football and a volleyball championship, but a competition of groups with different games was also the part of the program. Amongst the hosts, volunteers from seven other counties represented themselves in mixed groups. In the afternoons and evenings, they had time to get to know each other and have some fun as well.

Youth Camp and Festival

A Youth Camp and Festival was also part of our summer actions, this took place in Setétpatak, Covasna County, between 15th – 22nd of July. More than 150 young people participated to this camp, which was organized within the project above mentioned. He spent a week full with workshops, handicraft, excursions, trips, sports like volleyball, meta, a cooking competition, a parody night, a gaming afternoon, spiritual activities, concert and parties together. The joy, the kindliness, the efficient work and the entertainment were all responsible for the good mood of the camp. Many of us returned home with unforgettable experiences and new friendships.

Satu Mare Sports Days

Between 7th – 9th of September, we organized another weekend dedicated to sports within our youth project, this time in Satu Mare, Satu Mare County. This was the third edition of this event; the debut was in Sacele, Brasov County where we had 125 participants, the second edition was held in Sfantu Gheorghe, where the number of participants grew to 140, the third, the Satu Mare edition had 134 participants. Between the football and the volleyball championships, a ping-pong championship also took place with more than 50 participants. Good mood and fair play were the characteristics of this last event.

Community being served:

  • Disabled Children and Adults
  • Marginalised Communities