Dutch Camp Leader, Chabrouh - Jaap Huenges Wajer

Dutch Camp Leader, Chabrouh - Jaap Huenges Wajer

This year was the fifth time we had the girls from Shlifa. We always love to see our girls, especially if there are some familiar faces among the guest of that year. It is not that difficult of course after five year to know a lot of the girls coming and every year it is a great pleasure to have them.

For me was it the fourth year with them and the second year as camp leader. As camp leader I have the pleasure to talk and have fun with all of them, although it is a more better experience to have your own guest. Because I could meet all of them, not a minute went by without a hug, a kiss or a big smile. Also, since I see all of them you start to observe that the volunteers and their guest growing closer and closer to one another as the days go by. That for me is maybe the real reason I why I love doing the camps. You get the chance to see that relationships building, especially if the volunteers gets to know his/her guest and what little can make the guest happy (e.g. just sitting together, how the guest likes to eat, what she enjoys and what she doesn’t like etc.).

In the end the biggest reason for coming back is the energy you get when you are with the guests. It is so much more you get in return, than what you give them. We always talk to our service to the guests, but in my opinion they have a much greater service to us. They teach you that it are the little things (a hug, a kiss or a smile) are worth more, than anything else.

Not a minute went by without a hug, a kiss or a big smile.

Community being served:

  • Disabled Children and Adults