Resources for young members and volunteers

The breadth of work carried out by the young members and volunteers of the Order of Malta across the world is vast, and below is a collection of resources, toolkits and best practices, used, tested and refined.

Share any best practice material, toolkits, or experiences from running works of the Order with other participants by contacting us.

Vision 2050 flagship resources

The Activities of the Lebanese Youth - 2017

The activities of the Lebanese Youth include care for the elderly, the disabled, children, and disadvantaged people in society. With Camps, markets, outings and visits to care homes, they collaborate nationally and internationally, through the Chabrouh Camps throughout the year and their partnerships with local organisations.

For a full summary of their work, read the attached presentation, and for more information visit their website:

Social Media Campaign: 'A 10 Step Guide'

During the Vision 2050 Reunion in Lourdes 2016, the Lithuanian Relief Organisation spoke about their recent successful social media campaign. The campaign brought significant increased awareness to problems faced by the elderly population in Lithuania. The Lithuanian Relief Organisation’s fundraising efforts raised 30% more funds than in previous campaigns due to the enormous press and public interest surrounding this clever project.

Malteser Youth Network Media Toolkit

This toolkit is based on the results of Media in Volunteering youth exchange, held in February 2015, in Lithuania within the frames of Erasmus+.

Vision 2050 – how to get involved

Vision 2050 is an international and borderless platform for all young members and volunteers of the Order of Malta. It provides support for the young members and volunteers, involved in both the local and international activities of the Order, to come together, share best practices and collaborate in their activities and discussions.

Cathedral Steps toolkit

This is a simple and engaging way to begin a work of the Order, and to help those in need in our own community. The Order of Malta Cathedral Steps project is a work of the Order of Malta, which aims to provide a breakfast for the homeless community after Mass each Sunday. As well as breakfast, the project provides an opportunity for guests to gather in a warm and hospitable environment, helping to reduce the sense of isolation and marginalisation that many experience everyday.The Order of Malta Cathedral Steps project provides support for any member or volunteer of the Order of Malta to initiate a work of the Order in their own community or parish. The initiation of the project provides volunteering opportunities for those wishing to serve the poor under the charism of the Order.

Additional Resources

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