Young members and volunteers of the Order of Malta

Titoc Gavril-Rafael

Romanian Association

History of involvement with the Order

I heard about the Malteser Order and about their activities, and I was attracted to the idea of helping people, seeing that the social and civic spirit is slowly fading away nowadays, only a few people remaining to follow the idea of " helping each other", or even helping the poor. And this was what lead me to become a volunteer of the association.

I started volunteering at the Order in Satu Mare in the summer of 2015, in order to help the local rroma community ant the poor people in our city. First, I was only involved in the " Your education and health matters" programme, wich basically is an integrational and after school program for rroma children aged between 6-18 in wich we help them with their homework, they can take a hot bath, eat fresh food coming in the form of catering from a local restaurant, they receive new clothes ( mostly clothes that we receive from people's donations), and they also have different activities, like theatre, a mixed football team made of children from the programme and a few volunteers, they have also bennefit of traditional gypsy dance classes, hand-made activities and music classes these activities being held by professionals in each of the domains. After that, I have got involved in the weekend activity held for poor children, in wich they would get a fresh meal and once a month we would take each and everyone to the church, the spiritual education being a priority for us.

In December, last year I have got involved in the what we call " The Homeless Project". This is about helping out the homeless people in our city when temperatures drop under 0 degrees Celsius. We would make a minimum of 100 sandwiches and 200 litres of tea, giving them a hot glass of tea and something fresh to eat. This programme also helped us to improve our collaboration with the local police service, as they know that they can contact us when there's freezing temperature out there as they see a homeless person, the citizen's of the city also helping us by donating blankets, clothes, footwear, candles and so on.

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