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Closing Date: 06/03/2017


  • Ability to travel
  • Graphic Design
  • Marketing
  • Project Management
  • Social Media

Partnership Manager, Order of Malta, the Nehemiah Project

Overview of the job

The Nehemiah Project is a small Christian charity, based in South London, that provides professional and life-changing support for men trapped in a spiral of addiction and crime. In partnership with the British Association of the Order of Malta, the Nehemiah Project is expanding its services in London, helping to address the root issues that cause men to turn to substance abuse, to help them to break free from addictive and criminal behaviour and to begin to rebuild their lives. The ideal candidate will be passionate about helping to promote this work.

The main objective of the role is to develop and manage relationships through the Order of Malta, and other charities and agencies with whom Nehemiah works closely to contribute to the development of Nehemiah and its charitable activities. Additionally the role will involve the development and management of a volunteering programme, event management for fundraising activities and the creation and deployment of communications, marketing and materials.

The role can be done full-time or part-time, with flexible hours and working from home also considered.

Click here for more details on the role and how to apply: partnership-manager-job-description


London, United Kingdom

Qualifications needed

  1. Experience of liaising with and understanding of charities such as the Order of Malta
  2. Good working knowledge of relationship management
  3. Good marketing and communications skills – experience of social media in a professional context would be helpful
  4. A working knowledge of writing fundraising applications
  5. Practical experience of managing volunteers and involving them in the work of the Charity
  6. Excellent organisational and administrative skills
  7. Comfortable with working with religious and faith-based organisations
  8. Commitment to the rehabilitation of men from crime and addiction and a passion to see their lives transformed
  9. Excellent written and oral skills; an ability to write for social media, web and print and speak to diverse audiences
  10. Highly self-motivated with the ability to work within a team environment
  11. Highly IT literate and familiar with Microsoft Word and Excel
  12. Ability to work under pressure or to deadlines
  13. Behaves in an open, honest and ethical manner and acts with integrity
  14. Commitment to promote equal opportunities and diversity
  15. The preferred candidate is someone who is committed to the Christian ethos of the charity

How to apply

Organiser: Lorna Hawthorne: Lorna.Hawthorne@tnp.org.uk
Contact Phone Number: +44 (0)20 8773 7414

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