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Order of Malta CARAVAN Project 2020-2021

Overview of the job

The Order of Malta CARAVAN offers young adults over 18 years the possibility to spend ten voluntary months in Lebanon.

They get the chance to work with people with disabilities whilst studying at one of Beirut’s best universities. Learning the Arabic language is part of the curriculum as well as history, culture and complexity of the Middle East.

CARAVAN is a project that incorporates many aspects of what young people crave to experience before starting after-school/working life: social commitment, broadening horizon, diverse people, international adventure.

We are currently looking for international applicants for the next CARAVAN Team 2020/2021 (age 18-25). The rough dates are the following: August 2020 – June 2021.


See the website for more information: http://orderofmalta-caravan.squarespace.com/




Beirut, Lebanon

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