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Order of Malta CARAVAN Project 2018-2019

Overview of the job

The Order of Malta CARAVAN allows international youth, after school or on a sabbatical, to spend ten social, voluntary months in Lebanon, earning and practising the spirit of the Order of Malta.  They serve the poor and sick guests from 3 homes in Beirut, do an Arabic language course, to learn the basic concepts of the Lebanese language, and will attend a specially prepared education program at the Jesuit University every morning. CARAVAN is a cooperation between the Lebanese and the German Association of the Order of Malta. With the project we want to contribute to peace and inter religious dialogue and change the everyday life of disabled people in Lebanon long term.


We are currently looking for international applicants for the next CARAVAN Team 2018/2019 (age 18-25). The rough dates are the following: August 2018 – July 2019.


See the website for more information: http://www.libanonprojekt.de/en/the-caravan




Beirut, Lebanon

How to apply

Organiser: Benedicta Solf

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