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Vision 2050 Meeting, Budapest

Start date: 27th Jun 2015
End date: 28th Jun 2015
Location: Hungary
Type: Vision 2050
Organiser: Vision 2050

Overview of the event

Opening prayer and Introduction:

The session was opened by Imre Ugron de Abranfalva, who welcomed the group to Budapest and started with a prayer. As someone who has been involved in both the building of Vision 2050 and the Malteser Youth Network, he spoke of the importance of working together, across borders, and that a balance must be kept between the work of the Order and the protection of the faith.

Participants introduced themselves and described their work for the Order, displaying the significant breadth of engagement in the work represented by the young members and volunteers present.


A presentation of the Malteser Youth Network, a group of young volunteers from the Order in Central and Easter Europe, was made by Carmen Motreanu and Reka Szakszon, summarising the meetings and discussions of the group to date, and their proposals for the future. A presentation on Vision 2050 by Eleanor Abou-Sakr followed, introducing it as an international platform for the youth of the Order and a support for their discussions and works.

The presentations highlighted how the aims of the Malteser Youth Network were in line with Vision 2050, in its emphasis on collaboration, the sharing of best practices and resources, and a desire to learn more about the Order. There are many ways in which Vision 2050 can support Malteser Youth Network, and Malteser Youth Network can contribute to the Vision 2050 support network.


Website and Communications:

The benefits of collaborating and sharing information were discussed, with opportunities throughout the Order network, on facebook and on each organisation’s website.

Yammer, the communications tool used by the Communications Office in Rome, was also mentioned, with the possibility of a dedicated online group being established for the Vision 2050 Liaisons, to enhance day to day communications. Dominik Brichta offered to contact the Communications Office for more information on establishing this.

The Vision 2050 website was introduced and received with enthusiasm. The Malteser Youth Network offered to contribute to the building of the website, during the development stages, and discussed in particular how the resources section will encourage the use of best practice materials internationally.

Sharing resources:

Toolkits, such as the one produced by Vision 2050 for the Cathedral Steps project, were commended, with the wish to create more, including a larger base of best practice information on management, training, and fundraising. It was proposed by Daniel Solymari that a catalogue of best practices be put together for the youth, initially concentrating on a small geographical area. The Malteser Youth Network has a strong emphasis on the professionalisation of training in leadership and volunteer management, and would like to share these resources with the wider community of young members and volunteers through Vision 2050.

Active engagement:

A discussion was held on the international works of the youth, including the International Summer Camps and the Chabrouh Camps in Lebanon, which those present were encouraged to participate in. The Caravan project in Lebanon was also spoken about and Imre Ugron de Abranfalva raised the prospect of funding to assist those wishing to attend. Further examples of collaborations, and common works, were discussed, including the possibility of young members and volunteers being invited to the Malteser Camps, which are held, for volunteers, in Central and Eastern Europe each summer.

Formation and learning about the Order:

The Malteser Youth Network expressed the wish to connect more with the centre of the Order and for volunteers to have a greater understanding of the history and traditions of the Order. It was agreed that this could be achieved through the introduction of prayer around the works of the Order, and, where possible, the participation of Professed members and Chaplains. Additionally, learning about the Order can come from common activities and partnerships with other youth groups of the Order, and through the material produced by the Formation Steering Committee.

Vision 2050 Liaison:

In order to ensure future collaboration and participation in discussions and events, the Malteser Youth Network will nominate a member of their group as a liaison with Vision 2050.

Event Address

Budapest, Fortuna utca, Hungary