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Order of Malta Chabrouh Camps 2018

Date: 31st Dec 2018
Location: Lebanon
Type: Work of the Order
Organiser: Vision 2050

Overview of the event

Twenty years ago, the first Order of Malta Camp was held in Chabrouh, Lebanon, by the German Association. Until August this year there have been 18 camps hosted by 11 different associations from around the world, providing love and companionship to almost 500 disabled guests.


Teams from France, Germany, Great Britain, Palestine, the Netherlands, Spain and Switzerland, alongside volunteers from the Lebanese Association, have completed their camps, however there are 5 more camps still to take place, including the famous Christmas camp in the snow!

For more information about the camps in Chabrouh and details about how to get involved, please visit: or contact:

Event Address

Chabrouh Dam/Lake, 5, Lebanon