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Chabrouh Spring Camps, Lebanon

Start date: 2nd Apr 2017
End date: 24th Mar 2017
Location: Lebanon
Type: Vision 2050
Organiser: Vision 2050

Overview of the event

Young volunteers of all nationalities meet throughout the year in the Chabrouh Centre of the Order of Malta in Lebanon, specially built for the disabled, to take care of our “guests” (people with severe, mental and physical disability) during camps led by different delegations from all over the world. The main objective is to spread Joy and Love.

During the Holiday Camps for the Disabled, every Guest has one volunteer assigned to solely take care of him/her. This one-on-one care is the main principle of the camp since the one thing our Guests lack of all year long is total attention and absolute acceptance. Our Guests come from different social centers and hospital across Lebanon.  

Volunteers work hand in hand from all over the world, from the UK, Holland, Germany, France, Switzerland etc. With its recent renovation which make it operational even in winter, the Chaboruh Center will host up to 1,000 guests per year.

There are two camps held in Chabrouh this Spring:

  • Chabrouh Camp with the French Association – 2nd-7th April
  • Easter Camp with the Caravan team – 19th-24th April

For more information about joining the Camps, contact the Youth of the Lebanese Association on:

Event Address

Chabrouh Dam/Lake, Faraiya, Mount Lebanon Governorate, Lebanon